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     For Week 4-29-2013   The  mission of Cottageville Elementary is to utilize best practices to prepare every child in becoming a productive citizen.
   Monday      Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Spelling Words
ELA PASS Review Sheet
ELA PASS Review Sheet ELA PASS Review Sheet ELA PASS Review Sheet Quiz- Cold Read

:No words  this week

 Math Worksheet  probability
worksheet probabiliy  and PASS Review
Probability test today
PASS Review
Worksheet PASS Review

 Science Pass Review Questions  and read text  198-212

Read  text book pages
198-212  PASS Review Questions

Read  text book pages
218-222  PASS Review Questions on pages 228-229
Quiz  Today on rocks, soil, minerals, fossils

Homework: read 336-343

 Social Studies Study  all notes from last week for test
Test today on Civil Rights Movement
Homework PASS Review Questions
PASS Review Sheets
PASS Review Sheet
Quiz on explorer and Native Americans