Room 204- Mrs. Henderson's ELA and Mathematics Class:

This year students in Room 204 will work alongside of their peers  as we read, write, and solve real world mathematical problems as a team.  Together we will move toward reaching our goals while embracing each other's various learning styles.  Each week we will explore and analyze complex vocabulary in our English Language Arts Class.  The start of the new school year is a time to reflect on past accomplishments and prepare to set the bar high and challenge ourselves with new goals.  A collaborative team must be respectful, mindful, and willing to embrace both the good and the bad with the hope of creating something new and extraordinary.  We begin by embracing these words as we start the year...

-self-discipline        - democracy        - inclusive        -diversity        -equity



 Virtue of the Month: 

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School Mission Statement 

Our mission at P.S. 94 is to foster collaboration among parents, students and staff and to enrich the learning experience of each child through high expectations, academic rigor and a “thinking” curriculum In an atmosphere rich with cultural diversity, we provide a differentiated program of instruction that sets the highest standards for all our children while celebrating individuality and encouraging creativity. We are preparing them to meet the academic and technological challenges of both the present and future. Our community endeavors to be lifelong learners, socially responsible citizens and unique individuals interested in and concerned about the world in which we live in.