Current Events

Current events are usually a weekly assignment given in social studies class.  Students need to find a recent news article that they are interested in reading.  After reading the article, they need to write a summary paragraph (at least 5 sentences) AND an opinion/reaction paragraph to the article.  If possible they should cut the article out and staple it to their two paragraphs.  On Fridays the students will have an opportunity to share with the class about what they read.  Current events can be any news site, newspaper, or news magazine.  I have posted a few sites under resources that students may use.  Do not feel limited to just these sites, there are plenty of other ways to research.  I do ask that students stay away from reviews of sports games and violent articles. 
I feel that this assignment helps kids learn how to use the paper, search news sites, and learn about everything that is happening in their community, and in the world.                                                                                   
 * Please note~ For every three extra current events students write about, they will receive 5 bonus points toward their social studies grade.  Current events are due on Fridays, so students can start researching as early as Monday night!  Don't save it till the last minute.