Natural Disasters Project


Our Natural Disaster mini-unit will expand our knowledge of the structure of the earth and atmosphere and identify changes in the atmosphere and the interior of the earth that cause catastrophic events. We will investigate the causes and characteristics of natural disasters and how they impact on people and the environment. We will also learn about the layers of the atmosphere and of the Earth and interactions which result in natural events, including disasters, how scientists predict weather patterns, bushfires, earthquakes and tsunamis will also be investigated. We will broaden our knowledge of the role of scientific instruments and technologies in gathering data about the Earth.

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Volcanoes facts, how they are formed and details of Mount St Helens
How Volcanoes Work information about Volcanoes with great images
Volcano Enchanted Learning page with information, diagrams and links to further info
Volcanoes Newsround page with information about causes, effects and types of volcanoes, as well as facts and pics

Famous Volcano Information lists 17 of the most famous and devastating volcanoes
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Earthquake Facts some interesting facts
Earthquakes Weather Wiz Kids page with information, maps, diagrams and an earthquake animation
FEMA Earthquakes earthquake information, maps, legends and games
EarthForce earthquake and volcano facts and information
How Earthquakes Work Information and images
12 of the Most Destructive Earthquakes
Earthquake in Indonesia news report of the earthquake in Indonesia in November 2009
Earthquake in Pakistan & Afghanistan 2009 information about the earthquake in the Hindu Kush region in October 2009
China Earthquake 2008 news reports of the devestating earthquake in China in 2008 more here and here

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Flood Facts what causes floods, interesting facts and how to stay safe
All about Floods types, causes, damage done, prevention and case studies 
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How Hurricanes Work information on how hurricanes form, parts of a hurricane, categories, damage and images
All About Hurricanes information, classification, tracking, causes, history and even a game

hurricane information, what happens in a hurricane, categories and names
10 Most Destructive Hurricanes in Recent Times
Hurricane Katrina Facts links to dozens of sites including newspaper articles, blogs, photographs and maps
Hurricane Kartrina Information comments and photos
Hurricanes growth, development and structure of a hurricane, with images
What is a Hurricane Weather Wiz Kids site with information, images, diagrams and links to other natural disasters
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Causes of Tsunamis featuring causes, damage, facts and images with links to other natural disasters
How Tsunamis Work
classification. formation and footage of tsunamis
What causes Tsunamis
page from with information, diagrams, maps, pics and fascinating links
Killer Wave Tsunami interesting information on formation and an eye witness account, some distracting games top and bottom
Deadliest Tsunami details of the 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean more here
Samoa Tsunami
news item about the tsunami that struck Samoa in September 2009 more here and here
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All about Avalanches frequently asked questions with lots of pictures
How Avalanches Work properties of snow, avalanche formation and lots more with fascinating pics
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Tornado Facts
Tornado Guide loads of information on causes, how they form and types with stunning pics
Tornadoes Infoplease site with facts about tornadoes and links
Types of Tornadoes a look at different shapes and sizes of tornadoes

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Cyclones cause and effects of cyclones
Cyclone Tracy facts and video clip
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Wildfires Weather Wiz Kids page with details about wildfires, pictures, glossary and links
Firestorms of 1871 describes the apocalyptic firestorm in Wisconsin & Michigan
Bushfire Weather Bureau of Meteorology site with info on causes and effects of bushfires with maps, diagrams and links
Bushfires Clearly Explained what they are, how they occur, control and details of major Australian bushfires
Bushfires in Australia
how they start, effects, control and benefits
Canberra Bushfires of 2003 details of the devastating bushfires from ABC radio site with images and links
Natural Disasters

Weather Wiz Kids

Billy and Maria - Coloring Books for Kids - Weather

Watch Out ... Storms Ahead

Extreme Weather (webquest game for kids)

Lightning and Thunder games

Heat Wave

Weather Ready Emergency game
(click on the hidden objects)

Look Out for Dangerous Weather

Play Time for Kids





Weather Maze Online - Severe weather

Weather Games

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