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Class Expectations 

Room 211 Expectations

**These are expectations I have of myself and of my students**

We will respect each other:  Teacher to student, student to teacher, and student to student.

Every person deserves to be heard and has a say.

Everyone participates in class.  We collaborate with each other,  help each other, and encourage each other.

We will strive to do our best work at all times.

We will be honest with each other and to ourselves.

We will be prepared for class and ready to work each day.

We will bring a positive attitude to class.

About Me

    I am the Intervention Strategist at Mahoney Middle school.  I teach Language Art using the READ 180  program while following the common core standards for ELA and following the grade level curriculum maps.   Before this job, I was a 6th grade teacher for several years at Mahoney Middle School teaching Language Arts and Math. 

    I am married and have 3 children who have all graduated from South Portland High school and college.  I live in South Portland with my husband and my cat.  I love to read, walk, bike, hike, and visit my children in Boston and Chicago.  Learning is important to me and I consider myself a life-long learner. 

    You can contact me at gottde@spsd.org or at 799-7386.

Mrs. Gott's old website: http://staff.mahoney.spsd.org/GottDe/index.html



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