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WHY Mrs. Goostree dislikes the reliance on Wikipedia:
IF you use Wikipedia for research in History, do not use information with "orange boxes" at the top.  It is not reliable and may mean your answers are wrong.


General Information
American History Timeline 

Digital History

The History Place

Archival Photos from Smithsonian Institute

National Museum of American History Collections

National Archives

America by Air (Smithsonian Air and Space Museum)

US History.org

Time Capsule (headlines, prices, anniversaries in history)

20th Century Magazine Articles

Native American Research
Interactive Tribal Information

General Information
The Price of Freedom: Americans at War

Revolutionary War (Causes/Battles)
*Revolutionary War Timeline* (helpful 'causes' site!)

Mr. Nussbaum's Page

Revolutionary War and Beyond (partial info)

History Central

Battles of the American Revolution (Simple List)

List of American Revolutionary War Battles
(beware the orange boxes)

Major Events of the Revolutionary War

Battles/Events of Revolutionary War (Mr. Nussbaum)

American Revolution Battles

British Battles - American Revolution
(CAUTION...written from British perspective. Some answers may confuse you because the author show some strong resentment about British defeat.

Civil War
Civil War Primary Documents
(Personal Diaries, Journals, Letters, Cartoons, Art, Images, Poetry, Literature, and Music)

A Nation Divided: The U.S. Civil War 1861-1865

Interactive Timeline for Antietam

Civil War Diaries and Letters Transcription Project

Memoirs, Diaries, and Journals of Private Jefferson Moses - Covers Sherman's March to the Sea, Vicksburg

Captain R.W. Burt's Letters
(Covers Atlanta, March to the Sea, Vicksburg)

The Civil War Home Page

American Civil War
(Says the site is closed, but scroll down.  There are links to resources on the site that are open)

National Archives Military Resources: The Civil War

Civil War 150: The National Portrait Gallery

Portraits of Civil War Enlisted Men

Library of Congress Resources
(Pictures, Maps, Recordings, Text)

Selected Civil War Photographs: Library of Congress

The Price of Freedom: Americans At War
(National Museum of American History)

Civil War Primary Resources

Civll War Letters of the Christie Family

Franklin County, Pennsylvania Personal Papers
(Civilian, Soldier, Slave correspondence [letters])

Civil War Photos

 Wikipedia American Civil War Portal

Civil War Trust
(Dedicated to saving Civil War battlefields)

Homefront of the American Civil War

Ten Costliest Battles - Demographics
Civil War Casualties

"Costliest" Battles

World War I
Journals/Letters/Diaries (Primary sources)

World War I Pictorial History (Library of Congress)

The Lost Poets of World War I

Aftermath of World War I

Pictures, Maps, Time lines, Information, Multimedia

Influenza Pandemic

Army Nurses

Armenian Genocide

Photography (Information)

Photography (Primary Sources)

Artifacts from the Battle Field (super interesting)

World War II
WWII Propaganda, Film, Music, and Art

Navajo Code Talkers (WWII)

Decoding the Nazi Enigma (c0de)
Cold War
Atomic Archive

Oak Ridge Online Museum

B29 Site: Information about historical data, images, reconnaissance  and stories relating to B29 crews from late WWII through the end of the Cold War (Covers Korea and Vietnam)http://www.b-29s-over-korea.com/index.html#toc

American Experience: Vietnam Online

Vietnam War Info on History Channel

Digital History

Holocaust and Genocide
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center

Holocaust Museum and Learning Center
(St. Louis)

Facing History and Ourselves

Save Darfur

Armenian National Institute 
(Reference to 1915 Genocide in Armenia)

Cambodian Genocide Group

Rawanda: The Wake of Genocide

Bosnian Genocide
(An archive of information by Word Press)

American Identity
Africans in America

The West (PBS Series)

1920s Fun Facts

Popular Culture (Information and Examples)

Social History
The Dramas of Haymarket (The Haymarket Riots)

Roaring 20s

Scopes Monkey Trial

Sacco & Vanzetti

Silent Film Era

Fashion (Women's)


Great Depression
New Deal Network

New Deal Programs

Inventions and Inventors


Declaration of Independence
Charters of Freedom: Declaration of Independence

Federal Constitution
The United States Constitution (actual document)

Charters of Freedom: The Constitution

Bill of Rights
Charters of Freedom: Bill of Rights
Historic Documents: Bill of Rights and Later Amendments

Bill of Rights Institute
(A look at other founding documents)

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service Resource Center
Legislative Branch
United States Senate

Unites States House of Representatives

Executive Branch
White House

Judicial System
Supreme Court

American Flag
Rules and Regulations

Interactive Flag (Smithsonian)

Political Cartoons
The Cagle Post Cartoons and Commentary

State Constitution
Illinois Constitution Webquest

About Illinois

Political Cartoon
Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonist Index


The Association of American Editorial Cartoonist