Welcome to Blue 7 Math!

Seventh grade is that in between stage between 6th and 8th grade that can seem a bit scary. In seventh grade we give you more responsibilities than you had in 6th grade - yes you can handle it. We work on good study habits and organization skills that will set you up for success in 8th grade and high school - this is the perfect time to instill these practices.

In math class, there will be some concept review, but there will be a lot of new and exciting topics covered. We will be applying what we learn to real life situations so that you will learn that math is not taught in a vacuum, but that it has real meaning in your lives. 

My hope is that everyone comes into class with a positive attitude wanting to learn. Math does not have to be your best subject - you just have to be open to learning and improving your own knowledge.

"Success in math does not depend on how many 
answers you know, but by what you do when you 
don't know the answer." -unknown

I am looking forward to an amazing 2018-2019 school year!