Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley spent the day in 3F.  Below is the description of Flat Stanley's day in third grade.
For more information about the Flat Stanley project, visit www.flatstanley.com
                Flat Stanley was sent to our teacher, Mrs. Fullenkamp, by Reese, a student at New Bremen Elementary.  Flat Stanley spent the day in our third grade class at Parkway Local Schools in Rockford, Ohio.  Rockford, Ohio is a small community just like New Bremen.  We have a population of just 1,097. 

Parkway Local Schools has students from three small communities, Mendon, Rockford, and Willshire.  The school district goes all of the way to Indiana!  We have one building for grades pre-kindergarten thru grade twelve.  Our class has eighteen students and there are four third grade classrooms in all.  Our building was brand new when we started Kindergarten and we will be the first class to go to the new school all the way to 12th grade! 

Below is a picture of our class with Flat Stanley.  We held up a few of our favorite Flat Stanley books.  Have you read all of his books?





Flat Stanley spent the entire day with our third grade class!  Tessa read to Flat Stanley during Language Arts class.  We are reading The Planets in Our Solar System, written by Franklyn M. Branley, it is a non-fiction science related story.  We learned that in Latin, the word ‘sol’ means sun.  So the solar system means “the sun system.”
Flat Stanley was a BIG help to Olivia and Bailey when they completed their comprehension tri-folds.  He told them why the sun is important to him and to all of the other people on Earth.  Not only does it help him work on his sun tan, but it also provides light to see all of the interesting places he goes!


Flat Stanley sure was busy, he helped Johnathon and Evan figure out Franklyn Branley’s purpose for writing The Planets in Our Solar System.   Flat Stanley said, “It’s as easy as pie!  P=Persuade, I= inform, E= entertain.  This story was written to inform.  We learned a lot of facts and information about the solar system.


Austin is the Star Student this week.  Flat Stanley was able to listen to his star student report.  Stanley learned that Austin is the Indianapolis Colt’s biggest fan!  Flat Stanley also saw Austin’s real ticket from a game where the Colts played the San Francisco 49ers. 
Flat Stanley watched Sarah take an Acclerated Reader (AR) test.  Don’t worry, he just watched, he didn’t give her a single answer!
The weather in Rockford is much like the weather in New Bremen.  It changes every single day!  Today it is cold outside!  We have a high of 28*  Here Andy, Cody, Harley, Sawyer, and Molly are bundled up to play outside.  Flat Stanley forgot his coat so he had to stay in the office at recess.  In the summer, temperatures can reach over 100 degrees! 
Flat Stanley joined Corbin, Rachael, Sarah, Austin and Evan’s group to work on a test prep question for the Ohio Achievement Test that we will take in May.  Every day we get a question, we have to answer it the best that we can and explain how we got our answer.  If three groups out of the four groups in our class get the question correct we get a point.  The four third grade classes race to get to ten points.  The first class to reach ten points gets a pizza party!
Flat Stanley goes to Math Class!

Today in math class, we were practicing regrouping tens and hundreds.  Flat Stanley helped Izzy when she was up at the board and Dalton when he was working at his seat on the white board. 


Flat Stanley eats lunch with Rachael.  Today we had salisbury steak, mashed potatos, peaches and buttered bread with milk. 
After lunch, we listen to Mrs. Fullenkamp read aloud.  We are listening to Little House in the Big Woods.  Stanley loved the vivid discriptions that Laura Ingalls Wilder uses.  In this chapter, Laura when to her Grandma’s house in the big woods for a dance!  There were enough babies there to fill an entire bed and Grandma out jigged Uncle George!  We love this book!

In Social Studies we are learning about Christmas around the World.  Each group was given a different country and they are learning about their traditions and customs.  Bailey and Colton are learning about Christmas in Italy.  Did you know that a Christmas Witch delivers the presents in Italy instead of Santa Claus! 

We are learning about the countries of Italy, England, South Africa, Argentina, Sweden, Holland and many others!
At the end of the day, we have time to work on our homework and to get extra practice in areas we need help.  We call this time study hall. 
How does your classroom look similar to our classroom?  How is it different than yours?
Our day is through.  We are going to Art class and from there; we will get on the bus to go home.  Thank you sending Flat Stanley to us, we enjoyed having him in our classroom!  I hope you have discovered something new about Parkway Local Schools in Rockford, Ohio.  Enjoy reading and learning about all of the places Flat Stanley goes!  Have a great year!


                                                               Mrs. Fullenkamp’s Third Grade Class

                                                                     Parkway Local Schools