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Week of October 16th

posted Oct 16, 2017, 6:30 PM by Ella Frazier

Just two more weeks left in the first quarter - wow!  Fifth grade will continue with volume in math.  They will be moving to finding the volume of composed figures and finding the volume of rectangular prisms with a missing measurement.  In science we will continue with thermal energy transfer and include how thermal energy drives the water cycle.  Fourth grade will continue practicing division but will move on the multiplicative comparisons, which is much easier that it sounds.  In science they will begin learning about the phases of the moon.

Parent teacher conferences are October 30th.  Sign-up information will be coming home this week.  Fifth grade will also be getting some information about their over-night field trip to Fort Caswell.  Please be on the look out for these.

Next Friday, October 27 is the last day of the first quarter.  Quarter assessments will be next week.  Students will NOT have Daily Word Problems as homework next week so that I can calculate extra credit for the first quarter.

Shout Outs this week to Wes, Charlotte, Nirena and Arianna T. for being the highest point earners on Math Rules.  Top Prodigy students last week were Victoria, Aryanna A., Angel, Luke, Julian and Jasius.  Great job guys!!

Week of October 9th

posted Oct 8, 2017, 1:11 PM by Ella Frazier

Time's flying!  This week 5th grade will continue with volume in math and thermal energy in science.  Fourth grade will finish up long division and move to multiplicative comparisons.  They will continue to practice addition and subtraction of larger numbers, multi-digit multiplication and long division for a while.  In science they will continue with the sun, moon and earth.

Important dates to remember are Curriculum Night this Tuesday the 10th from 6:00 to 7:00 pm.  October 30th are teacher/parent conferences.

Shout outs to Corbin, Angel, Diamond, Kaedyn, Ni'Jaylin and Victor W. for being the top point earners on Prodigy last week.  Kaedyn was the overall top point earner with 222 points - Great Job!

Week of October 2nd

posted Oct 1, 2017, 11:24 AM by Ella Frazier   [ updated Oct 1, 2017, 1:49 PM ]

It's week six!!  This week 5th grade will be finishing up multiplication of larger numbers and will begin learning about volume.  We will be working on volume and all types of work problems for the rest of the quarter.  They will be taking a test on multiplication this week.  In science 5th grade will be taking a final test on ecosystems and will begin learning about thermal energy.  Fourth grade will be finishing up multiplication and will begin working on long division.  They will continue to practice both multiplication and division for a while.  Students must know their multiplication and division facts fluently to do these larger, multi-digit problems.  

Upcoming Dates:  Tuesday is an early dismissal day.  Students will be dismissed at 11:30.  The 5th grade field trip to the AG by the Slice program at the Davidson County Fairgrounds is Wednesday.  Thursday is picture day.  Next week, Tuesday the 10th is Curriculum Night from 6:00 to 7:00.

SHOUT OUTS!  Hooray to these 4th Graders who successfully managed their herd of caribou for seven years in our Caribou Project: Colin, Gensis, Ni'Jaylin, Jasius, Fedix, Ariel, Jamell, Luke and Melina.  Great Job to Angel and Wes for being our top point earners on Math Rules.  Top Prodigy players last week were Victor B, Angel, Hailey, Kaedyn, Colin and Wes.  Keep up the good work.  One last shout out to Andre for leading the Math Facts Challenge.  Way to Go!

Week of September 25th

posted Sep 24, 2017, 3:50 PM by Ella Frazier   [ updated Sep 24, 2017, 3:51 PM ]

Wow, September has flown by.  Fifth grade will be taking a test on multi-digit multiplication this week.  They will begin learning about fractions as division.  For example: 2 candy bars divided among 6 friends means each friend will get 2/6 or 1/3 of a candy bar.  In science we will be wrapping up our study of ecosystems and taking that test also.  Fourth grade will continue with multiplication.  They will be learning a few different algorithms for multiplication such as area model, Napier's Bones, Lattice and traditional algorithm.  In science they will be wrapping up ecosystems also. Their next topic is the Earth in the universe.  
Looking Ahead: Progress reports will be coming home this Friday.  Tuesday, October 3rd is an early dismissal day.

Shout Outs go to Charlotte and Wes for being the top point earners on Math Rules.  They are going to be tough to beat. Top 5th grade performers in Prodigy last week were Diamond, Victor B. and Arianna T.  Top 4th grade performers were Jonathon, Ariel and Rashard.  Great Job Guys!!
After four weeks the following 5th graders have gotten 80% or more correct on their Daily Word Problem homework.  They are on track to earn that math extra credit:  Rayann, Julie, Angel, Nirena, Charlotte and Hailey.  The following 4th graders have 80% or more correct: Lucas, Zyanna, Andre, Andrew, Julian, Wes and Colin.  There are several others who are close.  There's still four weeks left to get as many correct as possible.  Keep up the good work.

Week of Septerber 18th

posted Sep 17, 2017, 1:45 PM by Ella Frazier   [ updated Sep 18, 2017, 4:45 AM ]

It's going to be a great week!  In math 5th grade will begin multiplication of larger numbers using the standard algorithm.  Sounds simple, but takes a lot of practice.  4th grade will be discussing factors and multiples and will then be moving to multiplication.  They will be learning a few different algorithms for multiplication.  Their next topic is division.  It is very important that 4th graders know their multiplication and division facts by heart.  They must be fluent to multiply and divide multi-digit numbers. Both grades are continuing with ecosystems in science.

We have two very social groups this year.  Please emphasis to your student the importance of staying focused and on task in class rather than looking for opportunities to socialize with friends.  We also have several students who like to make noises and "beat" on their desks.  There's nothing wrong with being active.  I strive to keep lessons hands-on and to give students the option of moving and working around the room, but students must stay on task and not disrupt the learning of others.

A great big Shout Out to Charlotte, Amy, Victor A. and Wes for being our Math Rules top point earners.  Great Job guys!

Week of September 11th

posted Sep 10, 2017, 8:41 AM by Ella Frazier   [ updated Sep 10, 2017, 2:02 PM ]

We are now in full swing!  This week 5th grade will be finishing up our number system which includes writing whole numbers and decimals in different forms, multiplying and dividing by powers of 10, comparing numbers and rounding numbers. Students will also be taking a district assessment through Schoolnet.  Our next topic is multiplying multi-digit numbers.
Fourth grade will finish place value including comparing and rounding whole numbers.  They will begin adding and subtracting larger numbers.  They too will be taking a district assessment.  Both grades will continue ecosystems in science.

Reminders:  Please return Friday folders on Monday with the behavior sheet signed.  Feel free to write any comments.
All students have a daily word problem as homework.  We check those every day.
Students have grades in Powerschool if you want to check on their progress.  There is a link to Powerschool on my home page.

A Big Shout Out to Charlotte, Victoria, Wes and Zyanna for earning the most points on Math Rules.  This is impressive. Math Rules are challenging math problems students do as morning work.  They earn points for problems solved correctly.    

Week of September 4th

posted Sep 4, 2017, 9:27 AM by Ella Frazier   [ updated Sep 4, 2017, 10:17 AM ]

The first week of the 2017-18 school year is in the books.  It was a great first week.  We got many routines in place and started with our first topics.  Fifth grade will continue to learn how the number system works and how to read and write numbers with exponents.  This week we will add decimals into the mix.  Fourth grade will also continue to learn about our number system.  They will also be rounding and comparing numbers.  Both the 4th and 5th grade will be getting started with ecosystems in science.  Fourth grade will focus on adaptations within an ecosystem and fifth grade will focus on comparing different types of ecosystems.
We did not send home Friday folders this week because of the holiday, but students will get a Friday folder this week.  Please look for it, sign it and return in on Monday please.
I must give a Shout Out to Charlotte and Arianna T. for solving "The Candy Problem" challenge.  They were brilliant!

Let's Communicate

posted Aug 27, 2017, 7:09 AM by Ella Frazier

Don't forget to sign up for the Remind App.  It is a major tool we will be using to stay in communication about assignments, tests and announcements.  Follow these directions to sign up.
5th Grade Parents:  to sign up go to or text efrazier5 to 81010
4th Grade Parents:  to sign up go to or text efrazier4 to 81010

Welcome Back

posted Aug 19, 2017, 5:38 AM by Ella Frazier

It's been a great summer, but the first day of school is just over a week away.  I hope you have received your welcome letter.  If not please click HERE.  Student orientation is Thursday, August 24th from 12:00 to 7:00 pm.  Please drop in any time.  There is some important paperwork to complete.  See you soon!!

Summer Time

posted Jul 13, 2017, 6:23 PM by Ella Frazier

Have a safe and fun summer break.  I'll see you in August!

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