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AIG Math and Science Class Information

Curriculum: Students will be taught Mathematics and Science during a 2 hour and 20-minute block each day. We use differentiated math instruction and an accelerated pacing for our AIG students in Lexington City Schools. Below are some modifications and enrichment opportunities that are provided to our AIG students.

AIG Requirements: Lexington City School AIG criteria is based on Aptitude test scores, IQ test scores, benchmark assessments, grades from class work, and observations. According to our district AIG Plan, students placed in an AIG classroom must exhibit strong academic skills, positive behavior toward learning, and a solid work ethic. If the accelerated pace and enrichment opportunities prevent your child from maintaining high standards and from being successful, it may be necessary to place him or her in a classroom that better fits his or her academic needs. He or she will still receive differentiated instruction, but the pace and curriculum will be more appropriate for his or her needs. If at any time you feel your child is not doing well or if this is not the right placement, please schedule a conference with your child’s teacher, and then you may request in writing for your child to change placements.

Communication: I feel it is extremely important to keep an open line of communication. Please do not hesitate to contact me about any questions or concerns. The quickest way to get in touch with me is through email. My email address is You may also call me at school at 242-1546. However, between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. you will probably be asked to leave a message. Please do. I will return your call as soon as possible. I also maintain a class website,, that lists lots of useful information about curriculum, field trips and general information.

Remind App:

Class Update and Information: To keep you informed about what is going on in class, each week I will post our topics and standards for the week on our class website. I will also post other announcements and information, so check our site often.

Grades: Your child will receive a grade for mathematics and science from this block. Daily grades, quizzes, and tests will count once. When projects are assigned, your child will be told how much each will count.

Homework: Homework is an opportunity for additional practice and study. Each week students will have a word problem to complete each night. We will check the problem the next day in class. Students may use a calculator but must complete each problem on their own. Daily Word Problems will also serve as an extra credit opportunity. At the end of each quarter students who have gotten at least 80% of the total number of problems correct will receive an extra 100 grade in math. If they have gotten at least 95% of the total number of problems correct they will receive two extra 100 grades in math.

In addition to the Daily Word Problem students may also have some type of practice for the concept we are learning in class. There will also be times students will need to finish classwork as homework. If there is an assignment that needs to be finished or additional homework, you will receive a notice through the Remind App.

Projects: Students may on occasion be assigned a math or science project. They will receive all information and due dates for each project. Information will also be posted on our class website. Students are expected to do much of the work for projects independently. If you ever have a concern or problem with supplies for a project, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will make any arrangements to make sure your child has what they need to complete a project.

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