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Class Expectations


Welcome to Room 218!

    8th grade is an important, challenging and rewarding year.  My name is Mrs. Foster and I teach eighth grade science here at Mahoney.  The following is an outline of my policies, expectations and what will be covered class.


    An inquiry approach will be used to guide the study of matter and energy.  Students should be prepared daily with a notebook, a pen, or pencil and a charged iPad.  They must keep a notebook of all class notes, handouts and labs that will be handed in and assessed by me each week.  Weekly notes, lab reports and all other in class work will be reviewed and used as formative and summative assessments for the learning targets.  Instructions for these assignments will be outlined in class.  Engagement, preparation, interactions with peers and teachers and classwork completion will support instruction and be reported in the weekly habits of work grade.  Major tests and projects will represent the summative assessments for the marking quarter.  Scientific writing, critical thinking, problem solving, lab safety and procedure are emphasized throughout the year.  I require that safety goggles be worn for most lab activities, and students not to wear loose, nylon shirts or jackets, sweatshirts with dangling strings or open toed shoes during labs.


Students are responsible for the work they miss when absent, so it is critical that they see me or a classmate to get missed work.  If your child is absent three or more consecutive days, please contact me and together we can make a plan for work completion.  Opportunities to meet most essential learning targets will be given multiple times.  To help parents and eighth graders manage important due dates, I post major assignments on the Eight Grade Core Teachers's Site.  Please take time with your child to check his or her assignments and progress on Jumprope regularly.

I’m looking forward to working with you and your child this year!  In order to make the the most of this important year, I hope you, your child and I will work as partners to make sure expectations are met and learning goals are realized.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at school at 799-7386 or e-mail me at fosteram@spsd.org.


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