Mrs. Foster's Art Room

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Junior High Due Date

Your CDs are due Feb. 18TH

Junior High Art

Artist From History Project



Part 1



You will choose an artist from the list provided or choose your own artist with Mrs. Foster’s approval.  You will research the artist’s style of art.  You need to look at least one piece of art from the artist beginning, middle, and later career.  Fill out the work sheet provided in the folder labelled part 1.



Part 2



You will choose one piece of art by your artist.  You will develop two sketches inspired by your chosen art work.  The sketches should not be a copy of the art work, rather your interpretation.  The sketches will be done on the paper provided in the folder labelled part 2.  You will choose one of the sketches to draw on the CD with permanent marker the paint with acrylic paint. 


Part 3 



You will use the cube template paper located in the folder labelled part 3.  The cube template has six boxes.  You must sketch each design in the assigned box lightly with pencil.


Box 1

This box will be your best replica of one of your artist’s artworks


Box 2

In this box you will change one thing about the artwork but I should be able to tell at a glance who the artist is


Boxes 3-6

In these boxes you will progressively abstract the chosen artwork making less like your artist’s style in each box

See example on the wall



4th Grade Tunnel Books


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