Reading Activities

 word password: This game helps kids learn the sight words they are struggling with. Write a sight word on a small card or a piece of paper. Tape the word onto the TV, computer, snack drawer, etc. In order to get the TV on, play on the computer, get a snack, they have to read and spell the password. This is a lot of fun. When your child masters that sight word, change the password. Have fun!!
Rhyming Game: This is a fun game to play in the car or if you are waiting somewhere. The first person picks a word like, cat. Then you go back and forth trying to think of all the words that rhyme with cat such as bat, rat, hat, mat, etc. You can even use nonsense words in the game. When you can't think of any more words pick a new word to rhyme.
Make your own sight word game: Children love to play games that they have created. Take a piece of paper or a file folder. Draw a game board on the paper and have your child decorate the board. You can add in bridges, slides, lose a turn spaces, etc. Have fun with creating the board. When the board is finished you can play the game. Place a pile of cards with the sight words face down. On your turn pick a card and read and spell the sight word. If you read it correctly, you get to roll a die and move that many spaces on the board. If you don't read it correctly it goes back to the bottom of the pile and your turn is over. Continue play until someone reaches the finish.
Ideas for game boards: race track, rainbow, flower path, outer space, use whatever your child is interested in.
  For extra fun you can use a skittle or a hershey kiss for your playing piece that way when the game ends everyone gets a little treat.
             If you would like to do this but you don't have supplies please contact me.
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