Welcome to my class for the 2011-2012 school year!

The purpose of this website is to provide an avenue for students and family members to obtain information about our curriculum, classroom schedules, and  to access educational websites appropriate for third grade students.   I will try to put updated classroom information in the Classroom and School News on this home page but hopefully will soon be starting a class face book page which will be available to families of students in this current school year.
Class officially begins at 8:15 with announcements from the office.  We start our classroom day with the Pledge of Allegiance.  We take care of the calendar and upcoming activities as well as our lunch count.  It is always good to have a quick sharing of the schedule for the day with questions and concerns being addressed before the day totally gets underway. 

Special Schedule
Day 1
P.E.(wear or bring tennis shoes)
Day 2
Day 3
Library  (remember to bring back your books)
Day 4
P.E   (wear or bring tennis shoes)
Day 5
Day 6

Classroom and School News...
The  RAH....Read At Home sheets are due every Monday. Students have been writing about the characters, setting and some retell of what they have read.  Now they are ready to use the full list of thinking strategies that we have been learning about all year.  They are coded R = retell, C = connections, SI = sensory images, CT = character traits, V = vocabulary, MT = monitoring thinking and last but not least Q = questions.  Please encourage them to take the time to write one or two good quality sentences sharing their thoughts.  Remind them to write the code letter that represents their thinking in the box as well.   Keep those kids reading and thinking.  The more they read the better they read. The more they think the better they think. 

Special events and dates coming up.

Character Counts Pledge
I pledge to be a kid for Character.
                        I will be worthy of trust.
I will be respectful and responsible,
                           doing what I must.
I will always act with fairness.
                          I will show that I care.
I will be a good citizen,
     and always do my share.

Jesup Behavior Expectations...

We will not bully others.
We will help students who are being bullied.
We will include students who are left out.
We will tell an adult at school or at home
    when we know someone is being bullied.