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you will find resources and websites to help you get the most out of our class time together and from any computer you may be using in the future.

Common Sense certified educator
Mrs. E has been recognized as a Certified Digital Citizenship Educator because of her efforts to help students learn well and safely online in her all of her classes.
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Ways to support our classroom:

We need your help!

We are looking for a couple of items that you may already have at your home.
  • >1GB flashdrives
  • camera cases
  • shiny silver car windshield coverings
Please look around and see if you may have any of these items hiding somewhere at your home.  We will gladly take new or used. Any little bit helps...


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We use Google Apps in our classroom.  Ask your student how.

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(Students: Don't forget to use your same username and password as when you log into your computer at school.)

(Parents: If you want direct access to the materials that Basic Computers or Photography learning materials, please contact Mrs. E directly. Advanced Computers and Leadership students are using Google Classroom where learning materials are not as easily shared.)

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