Our Wedding

We were married on Morningstar beach in St Thomas on November 8, 2008.  I am SO glad that we decided to have a Destination Wedding and I strongly encourage anyone who is considering it to go for it!  It was so fantastic to have our family and friends there to celebrate this joyous occasion with us.  And I still didn't feel like I spent enough time with everybody... I can't imagine if the celebration was limited to just one night!

I ended up putting a good bit of detail in the wedding and I'm really glad I did.  I think (I hope!) it made my guests feel welcomed and special-- after all, they are spending a good bit of their time and money to be there with us!  I also wanted the event to feel very personalized and not like a mass-produced event.

As I said in my Planning Bio, I owe much of my inspiration to the Knotties!  So, if you're an active Knottie and would like help, please let me know!  Just email me at Emmie2008 at gmail dot com.