Welcome to my website. This website is for my students to use and for parent information.  For my classes, this will be a good place to find information they have access to while at home. Students that are absent will be able to find and view anything they missed. They will also be able to review information presented in class. Many of my classes also have other means of getting missed information.
Online students access their class through E2020, I am the facilitator for this. I can help them as best I can, but content and delivery of it is done through E2020.

 Contact Information:

Robin Ellison  (robin.ellison@hanoverhorton.org)
10,000 Moscow Road
Horton, Michigan 49246
Room #133
Telephone: 517-867-6516

 Fall 2018 Schedule

 Winter 2019 Schedule

 1st-(7:40-8:30) - Senior Transitions 1st-(7:40-8:30) - Design Technology -Architecture
 2nd-(8:35-9:25) - Senior Transitions  2nd-(8:35-9:25) - Online-E2020
3rd-(9:30-10:19) -Prep 
 3rd-(9:30-10:19) - Applied Business System
 4th -(10:24-11:13) - 6th Grade Computers 4th -(10:24-11:13) -6th grade Computers
5th-(11:18-12:12) - 7th Grade Computers
 5th-(11:18-12:12) - 7th Grade Computers

 "C" Lunch (12:12-12:30)

 "C" Lunch (12:12-12:30)

6th-(12:35-1:24) - 8th Grade Careers 6th-(12:35-1:24) - 8th Grade Careers
7th-(1:29-2:18) - Senior Transitions 7th-(1:29-2:18) - Prep
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