Welcome to 7th Grade Language Arts with Mrs. Dunbar.

This year we will focus on the college readiness skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  In order to accomplish our goal, you will need to read every day!! Reading is vital to improving your vocabulary, your background knowledge, and your experiences, but reading can also be an adventure, a way to "try on" another personality, or an escape.  Pick up a book today and get reading.

Writing will accommodate reading in expressing your ideas about what you read and learn.  Writing in response to reading can be both formal and informal.  Our journals will cover the informal responses while we will also learn to write informative and argumentative essays as well as creative short narratives.

Speaking and listening will happen daily through group discussions, peer discussions, and presentations.  Part of speaking well is also being an attentive listener.  This is called RESPECT, and it is mandatory every day in my classroom.

Every book, every day...this includes:
Class novel and coordinating packet
Pen or pencil, red pen and highlighter
LA binder with dividing tabs
Independent Reading

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