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Versus Wild
1- Natural disasters: Wild versus Man
a) examples of Natural disasters which recently happened:
You can watch the News Reports about the  different natural disasters:
3- Woodfires in Australia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o572snJJNsU  
7- Volcanic eruption in Hawaii:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhNPay26MhM
b) Consequences for man:people who need help

Hurricanes song

FIRST, a song (excellent to improve your prononciation and memorisation), SECOND, vocabulary, games, activities about Hurricanes:http://www.vocabulary.co.il/games2/videos/hurricane_video.php

Hurricane Katrina 2005

This song is committed, the writer gives his opinion about the reaction of the government at the time.
c) How can we help? The help that we can give

 Listening Activities  (B1) - Charity:
http://www.elllo.org/english/0851/Q899-JJ-Charity.html (you can hide or show the script ) 
http://www.elllo.org/english/0851/V899IvanCharity.htm  (you can hide or show the script ) 

Example of Charity

 Discover more about a fundraising:  Raise funds for a cause
2- Human disasters: Man versus Nature

a) examples of Human disasters ...

YouTube Video


b) Consequences for man and animals

Oil spill consequences

This song is about this issue:

Earth Song MJ

c) What can we do to save the planet? The things that we can do...



I wish...(expression du souhait):
Explications (en Français):

Reported Speech/ Discours direct - indirect

Reported Speech

exercice 2 :http://pagesperso-orange.fr/yvanbaptiste/methodo/vocabpress.htm
How Does The EU Affect You?

Next, copy the categories below onto seven pieces of card:

  • EU Laws
  • Environmental Issues
  • Trade (Buying and selling)
  • Consumer rights
  • Freedom of movement
  • Crime Prevention
  • International Aid.