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The Profs...
A French film about crazy teachers (and crazy students!) going to England!

Les Profs

Oh My God!!!!
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Pitch Perfect  2

Pitch Perfect 2

The Barden Bellas are back in Pitch Perfect 2, the follow-up to 2012’s smash hit.
The Barden Bellas enter an international a cappella competition that no American team has ever won...

With a beautiful scene...in which they sing the famous "Cup Song"

Cup Song 2

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A new dace style: Jookin


Gangsta Walking (also known as: G-Walk , Buckin, Tickin, Jookin, or Choppin) is a street dance that originated in Memphis, Tennessee alongside "Buck" music during the 1990s. The Gangsta Walk is commonly performed to crunk music due to the particular 'bounce' in the beat and the movement the dancers make to keep with it.

Gangsta Walk

Another dance style...

Video of the Flash Mob organized at school...

Flash Mob Collège St Augustin Angers

  Flash Mob organized at St. Augustine School (Angers, FRANCE): As part of the 5th anniversary of Michelle Obama’s  " Let's Move " campaign, the 200 students in the 9th Grade and those of  the  Dance Club performed the Gimme Five Dance to the rhythm of the song " Uptown Funk " by Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars ( Friday, April 10, 2015 ) .

We have answered  Michelle Obama’s call at The Ellen DeGeneres Show… and accepted the challenge  #GimmeFive Dance to celebrate the 5th anniversary of "Let's Move" (anti -obesity campaign launched in 2010).

Flash Mob organisé au collège St Augustin (Angers, FRANCE): Dans le cadre du 5ème anniversaire de la campagne "Let's Move!" de Michelle Obama, les 200 élèves de 3ème et ceux du TD Danse ont repris la danse de GimmeFive au rythme de la chanson «Uptown Funk», de Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars (vendredi 10 Avril 2015). 

Nous avons répondu à l'appel de Michelle Obama lancé au Ellen DeGeneres Show et accepté le défi #GimmeFive Dance pour fêter le 5ème anniversaire de «Let's move» (campagne anti-obésité lancée en 2010). 

#GimmeFive #LetsMove

Also on Friday 13th...in the USA

First Lady Michelle Obama recently appeared on Ellen to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of her “Let’s Move” campaign, and to challenge Ellen to a dance-off to choreography that will be a part of this year’s White House Easter egg party.

Give Me Five Dance

FLASH MOB - "Give Me 5 Dance" (Uptown Funk, Bruno Mars)
The dance-off was prompted by Obama’s “#GimmeFive” challenge, which celebrates the 5th anniversary of the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign to raise awareness about active, healthy living and combat obesity in the United States.
On April 6 at the White House...very soon at school!


Mentors Travis Wall and tWitch teach us the #gimmefive dance that will be taught alongside FLOTUS at the White House Easter Egg Roll on April 6.

Uptown Funk Mchelle

First Lady Michelle Obama broke it down on stage at the 137th annual White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday afternoon, dancing to Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk" with the "So You Think You Can Dance" All Stars. She was on stage celebrating the fifth anniversary of her "Let's Move!" campaign to battle childhood obesity, the theme of this year's event with #GimmeFive. During her speech at the Easter Egg Roll, she encouraged healthy eating and an active lifestyle to the 35,000 White House guests.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show (often shortened to and stylized as Ellen) is an American television talk show hosted by comedian/actress Ellen DeGeneres. It started in 2003.  The program combines comedy, celebrity, musical guests and human-interest stories. It’s one of the most popular TV show in the USA.

“Let”s Move!”:  Program developed by First Lady Michelle Obama to solve the epidemic of childhood obesity within a generation. It was launched in 2010. 

Here is an original version of the song...  ;-)


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Red Nose Day - Charity... made in UK!

 Comic Relief is a British charity organisation founded in 1985 - i
t was in response to famine in Ethiopia. 
Red Nose Day is a special event organized in March, every 2 years. It is a biennial telethon. 
In 2013, more than ₤ 75 million  were raised (that's massive!)- every pound matters!!!
Visit their official website: http://www.rednoseday.com
What is Red Nose Day?

What is RND?

Red Nose Day 2015.. 1985-2015 - 30 years of charity!

Comic Relief broke the 1,000,000,000-pound barrier, as the most successful Red Nose Day in the charity’s 30-year history took the total amount raised to over £1bn. 
Friday’s live Red Nose Day performance on BBC One raised over £78 million by the show’s conclusion with Comic Relief founder Richard Curtis saying he was “enormously proud” of the charity’s achievements. 
It was founded in 1985, by comedian Lenny Henry and writer Richard Curtis in response to the Ethiopian famine... 

RND2015 highlights

In 2015...a new mission

ad 2015

A special song by San Smith & John Legend , Lay Me Down



Translation : Lay Me Down

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Academy Awards ceremony
The 87th Academy Awards ceremony, presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, honored the best films of 2014 and took place on February 22, 2015, at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles
Neil Patrick Harris kicked off the show with a joke right off the bat: “Tonight we honour the best and whitest…I mean brightest.”

Powerful : Common & John Legend's Oscar Acceptance Speech

John Legend and Common accepted the Oscar for best original song at the 87th Academy Awards at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood on Sunday night.

Oscar Acceptance Speech

Selma's "Glory" won following a performance by the two musicians that received a tearful standing ovation from audience members including producer Oprah Winfrey, director Ava DuVernay, star David Oyelowo and Chris Pine.



The trailer of the film - SELMA


Y    Y    Y  Coup de Coeur     Y    Y

Where is the Love?



YouTube Video

Do you understand the lyrics? Here is the translation into French: 

A song with a lot of expressions "with as ...as..." - thanks Samuel for sharing! ;-) 

Lenka is an Australian singer known for her song "The Show". Her song "Everything at Once" was used in the official Windows 8 television advertisement and in the Disney Movie Rewards commercial. 


Lenka lyrics

Other songs by LENKA

The Show

Maybe I love you

Everything's okay

Don't let me fall

Do they know it's Christmas?! Band Aid Thirty

Band Aid 30 is the 2014 incarnation of the charity supergroup Band Aid (1984). The United Nation said help was urgently needed to prevent the 2014 Ebola crisis in Western Africa spreading throughout the world. The song   "Do They Know It's Christmas?" was re-written reflect the current problem.  

Christmas lyrics

 The song was recorded by some of the biggest-selling current British pop acts, including One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Emili Sandé, Ellie Goulding, Chris Martin, Bono (U2)… 

More details:


The original one in 1984...


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