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Welcome to our classroom picture gallery!

Class Photo Albums '08-'09


Class Photo Albums '07-'08

Solids & Liquids Science Unit



Readers Workshop


Christmas Party & Book Exchange
Candy Houses




Turkey Class Party


Going Batty Party


Counting Pumpkin Seeds


Crazy Hair Day



Classroom Collages '07-'08 

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Classroom Spaces

Our Meeting Area

This is the area of our room where we come together as a community of learners.   We come to the rug for Morning Meeting, reading lessons, math instructions, and literacy sharing.   The picture on the right was my room at the beginning of the year.


The Listening Center

This is a learning area where students come to listen to stories on tape.  There are two individual tape players for students, a selection of books/tapes, and a variety of listening response sheets.

The bucket of pointers to the right is for the "mobile" Read Around the Room Center.


The Writing Center

This is the learning area where students come to do more writing.  Students may self-select from a variety of writing tools, such as markers, scissors, staplers, tape, stencils, alphabet stamps and dictionaries.   Students may choose write stories, lists, cards, letters, sticker stories, posters & more.

The four lanyards hanging on the wall to the right are Library passes in which may go up the Swift Creek library and check out books.   They can go to turn in/check out books anytime there is a pass on the wall, as often as they wish.  



The Reading Center

This is one of our many reading centers where students come to read to the animals.  There is a two-seater alligator bench with a basket of books to the side.  Students read the Curious George and The Cat in the Hat.  Swifty, our Swift Creek mascot, also listen from the adirondack chair lamp that is just behind the bench.


The Computer Center

This is the center where students come to learn many 21st century information and technology skills.  Students work in programs such as Successmaker for reading and math, Kidspiration, KidPix,  Powerpoint and Word.  Students also search for curriculum and inquiry related information on the Internet related to topics we are studying in the classroom.


CGI Math Buckets & Math Journals

This the area of the room where our CGI math buckets and math journals are housed.   Students work to solve problem using our CGI rubric we call the Math Code of Cooperation.   Students must be doing all of the things on the code during our CGI math time.   A picture of the code is below.  Although these lessons are difficult for most students at first, we have to start somewhere.   Research shows that "surprisingly, many games are good for the brain, but solving problems is the number one, all-time best activity for overall brain growth and neural development" from Jensen's book, Brain-Compatible Strategies.


CGI Math Code of Cooperation