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Back to School

For those of you who were not able to make it to Back to School night last night, I am posting the powerpoint that was shown last night.  Thanks to everyone that did come - I enjoyed seeing you all again.


Back to School Night Powerpoint


The district homework policy for first grade students should only be 20 minutes per night of homework and reading must be one of the assignments.  We send books home Monday – Thursday which your child is expected to read, this is the Home Reading Program.  We also provide a parent read-aloud, which is a text for parents to read out loud to their children, think of it as a "bedtime story." I'm not saying that a bedtime story is homework, but what child will tell you they don't like to cuddle up and listen to a story before they go to sleep?  In addition, your child is more than welcome to read additional books you have at home and do additional projects that you decide upon.   If you are looking for additional activities, one suggestion I can offer is to extend your child’s learning of the topics we are currently studying in class.   I feel strongly that it’s important for children to have down time at home to relax, play and just be kids.  Please remember that the children work very hard all day long while they are at school and they truly need their time at home to rejuvenate and be ready for a new day of learning when they come to school.  Thanks for your support!      Listed below are additional homework activities if this is something that fits into the fabric of your family.

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 Guest Speakers & Mystery Readers

Dear Future Parents,

We love having guest speakers come into the classroom, especially when they are parents!  If you have a special talent, neat hobby, or interesting job, (first graders think most every job is interesting, so I can pretty much guarantee, you'll have a captive audience) we'd love for you come in and share your knowledge with us.   Please let me know if you would be interested in joining us one morning or afternoon and we will find room in our schedule.     Last year, we heard from Anya's mom, a berry doctor and her dad, a sweet potato doctor and Anna's dad come to speak to our class during dental health month. 


We would also like to invite any parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or special person on a child's life, to come in as a Mystery Reader-that is, I know who's coming, but the kids do not, although they can try to guess based on facts about yourself that you give me.    We ask that you read a book to the class, either a childhood favorite or one that you think the students will enjoy and be prepared to have a short book talk with the class about it.    Please email if this sounds like something you would be up for!


   Email me with interest, questions, concerns or wonderings!



This morning we had a visit from Anya's mom, Dr. Gina Fernandez, aka, The Berry Doctor.   She brought "work samples" and the students participated in a science experiment of berry sampling.   She measured the sweetness of each type of raspberry and students got to look through the "sweetness meter."   Hey, I think I could use of those in my classroom! :-) Then, students voted for their 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice.  Finally, we graphed the voting results.  Thank you, Anya's mom, for a great berry lesson, and for adding raspberries to our schema!!  


Click here for Berry Graphing Results

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