Classroom Wish List

"With help, all things are possible." -Mrs. Jones

All year long, there are items that are needed in the classroom for special projects, activities, celebrations and general day-to-day operations.   As many of you probably know, teachers spend a lot of our own money of supplies for the classroom.     Any extra help or donation, would be greatly appreciated for the following items:   Thank You!  Items with an X have been received!




White Clear View Binders - 1 inch




Magnetic Letters


I would like 4 sets of upper and lowercase letters for each student to use during guided reading.   

These are available through
















Sticky Labels - White, Ink Jet, 30 Labels Per Page




















Dixie Cups - all sizes

 X - Thank you to the Hurban family!















Quart size ziploc bags

X - Thank you Slade family!









Clorox Wipes

 X - Thank you, several families brought this in, we use these a lot, so thank you!










X - One of the several school supply lists included tissue, we have plenty now, thank you.


Sticky Back Chart Paper Pads 20x23



Post-It Sticky Note Pads 3x3

 X - We have enough to get us started, thanks.



Mr. Sketch Scented Markers












Playground Equipment

X - Thank you Slade family!


balls, jumpropes, frisbees,

football, basketball, hula hoop, velcro games, etc.






buckets, shovels, rakes, scoopers, shapemakers, etc.