About Ms. Miller

Ms. Erica Miller    *    Teacher Assistant    *     Swift Creek Elementary School       *     Wake County Public Schools

Ms. Miller, Teacher Assistant 

 Ms. Miller joined us as our classroom assistant in late October.   Her background is elementary education and graduated last year from East Carolina University.  She is originally from Bel Air, Maryland, but is now enjoying living in Raleigh.   She enjoys playing games, reading, taking walks and going to the movies -- her favorite movie is The Prince And Me.   It is apparent that she loves kids, because she is very positive and and patient.    Her favorite colors are brown and pink.   She is a huge East Carolina Pirate fan and continues to support her alumni team with that pirate spirit.  She loves collecting school supplies and shopping at Stone's.  She is hoping to get her own classroom next year and would love it if you would think of her when you are doing spring cleaning in your child's playroom.   She would love to get any puzzles, games, lincoln logs, legos and other manipulatives to start her new room.    

While working in our classroom, she teaches guided reading, small group literature circles, Reader's Workshop, Handwriting Without Tears Handwriting, occasionally runs the Morning Meetings, supervises lunch in the cafeteria, keeps the daily folders organized and helps with student aches and pains that occur on a regular basis.  In the afternoon, Ms. Miller leaves us for a short time to help teach a 2nd grade cougar time group and a 3rd grade cougar time group.    Below you will find some of the documents, forms, lessons and activities that she has created this year. 




What are the chances? Ms. Miller and Mrs. Jones have the same birthday....November 28. 


Ms. Miller in Action


Ms. Miller teaching a small group guided reading lesson.



Ms. Miller and the mummies of room 106.



Ms. Miller teaching a small group literature circle.



Ms. Miller helping students with the candy houses.



Ms. Miller leading Morning Meeting before the Holiday Breakfast.