Welcome to the official webpage for project Quadroid. Quadroid is a project started through the Robotics Institute's MRSD program to have a quadrotor autonomously track and follow a human by locking on to his/her face/shirt color.

    This project was started in the fall of 2011 and concluded by the end of the spring of 2012. For the fall, we developed 
and demonstrated the critical subsystem of this project, which was to control the flight of the quadrotor using high level commands from an Android smartphone. The spring semester involved implementation of face as well as color detection algorithms and monocular odometry based on data extracted from these algorithms. By the end of the spring semester we successfully demonstrated autonomous tracking and following a human by locking on to face/shirt color with the help of a quadrotor.

For more information on the project, please visit Project Overview. 

    We are graduate students of the Master of Science - Robotic Systems Development program, which is administered by The Robotics Institute, School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. This project is part of the MRSD Project I & II course numbered 16-681 and 16-682.

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