And thanks for visiting. The Gemini team is working on an exciting new product that will aid in assembly manufacturing. This will be done by instructing unskilled labourers  on how to assemble parts quickly and efficiently using a laser projection and visual feedback. The product comes as an end effector to be mounted on a compliant robotic arm (such as on one of Rethink Robotic's Baxter arms, showcased above) and the software that governs the system's execution.

Project Description

As those who work in manufacturing know, there are significant costs incurred with training workers
on assembly-lines. These costs include the cost of trainers, the cost of error-ridden parts, and the
temporal costs - the time it actually takes to train the workers, the slower speeds associated with
assembling unfamiliar parts.

Project Gemini reduces the learning curve for manufacturing processes by using robotics to provide real-time assembly instructions to line workers. The benefits of Project Gemini also include minimized assembly time, decreased human errors, and ultimately, a reduction in the cost of part production.

Videos and Demos

Spring and Fall test videos here!

Designing complete, just iterating UI and software from user feedback.

Project Status

User tests still underway, and software being beautified.