Mission Statement
To design and prototype a team of robots that collaboratively explore and navigate in an office cubicle environment.

This project was sponsored by United Technologies Research Center (UTRC) to research methods for sensor fusion and collaborative exploration and navigation for land-based vehicles.

MRSD '14 - Autonomous Multi-Vehicle Collaborative Exploration & Navigation

Spring Validation Experiment
Team E - Squad Collaborative Robotics
Team members: Sameer Ansari, Shawn Hanna, Aaron Nye, Alex Sher

Gazebo Simulation Trials

YouTube Video

31 Trials were run showing an 11% improvement in the Closest Waypoint collaborative planner over the naive planner.

Physical Robot Prototype Version 2 - Cristoff

YouTube Video

Current System Demonstration

P3-DX Full Fall Demo

This video shows a successful run through the Fall Validation Experiment using the P3-DX and Kinect sensor.
Fall '13 - Semester Demo

MRSD Fall 2013 Project Fall Demo - Team E Squad Collaborative Robotics