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Problem Description and Our Solution

Window cleaning techniques have remained mostly unchanged over the last 100 years.  Even with taller and taller buildings sprouting up through the industrial revolution and into today, cleaning windows is still primarily done by one or more manual laborers suspended in the air.  This project, called AcroBot, is geared toward innovating the process of cleaning windows using an autonmous window cleaning system.  The system is composed of a maneuvering system mounted at the roof of a building and a window washing robot suspended over the side.  The cleaning robot is mobilized by the maneuvering system, using two motorized suspension cables for vertical translation and a motorized sliding rail system for horizontal translation making the cleaning robot capable of maneuvering in a vertical plane.  As the cleaning robot translates across the surface of glass, cleaning solution, a rotating brush, and high pressure air wash and dry windows.  The robot 

and maneuvering system designed for this project, a small scale version of the envisioned system, will be capable of wireless teleoperation, and full cleaning autonomy at a rate of 15 square centimeters per second.  

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We are a team of four Carnegie Mellon students in the Masters of Robotic Systems Development program.  The Project Status page contains blogs or tweets about the most recent updates to our project.  If you want to learn more about the team, the Our Team page has short bios for each member as well as all of our resumes.  The Timeline shows our planned schedule for the future, and Project Documents contains all documentation and reports we've written thus far.
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