Robotic Fruit Picker

There are currently no fruit picking robots on the market that pick individual, tree grown, fruit. During the harvesting season, orchards can require about seven times the amount of workers than they need during the rest of the year. This is incredibly costly, and there aren't always enough workers to fulfill the required positions.

Over the past few years, interest in automated farming has been growing. Machines have been created to aid workers, such as autonomous tree sprayers and crop storage bins, but none has been created to help pick fruit. The fruit-picking robot, which our team will provide, can be adjusted to pick multiple varieties of fruit, allowing for use on different crops in different seasons. This scalability changes the user base from a small subset of orchards to a significant proportion of fruit growers.

Our Goal

Our goal is to design and build a robotic arm that is able to recognize, reach and pick fruits without damage to the tree or the fruit, with an efficiency level that supplements the human fruit picking efficiency, thereby making maximum use of human resources valuing time and money.