Mrs Dotty Designs

My name is Kuljit Kaur. I was born in the UK, and have lived in New Zealand for the last 20 years (lucky me).

I am a versatile, fast-paced designer/art director with loads of experience. Lots of unique problem-solving skills.

I love deadlines!

Equally capable of working independently. I design and conceptualise, consistently produce original and creative work.

Great people skills!

I have an excellent capacity to lead a team, I have trained our inexperienced design team with an amazing retention rate.

Brilliant mentor!

For five years taught graphic design part time. This was a demanding role, which has resulted in my developing of a high level of technical skills well as enhancing my teaching abilities.

What a laugh!

I consistently display a positive attitude, high levels of motivation and an ability to work to deadlines. I always remain calm and unflappable under pressure and maintain both a sense of humour and perspective.