Teaching is my gift, my passion and my life's work. I knew I wanted to be a teacher even before I started kindergarten, and I have never once wavered in that decision. In first grade I began collecting "files" that I may use in my future teaching (some of which I still have!). Since then, I have approached every aspect of my education with the perspective of someday using that in my profession and I am thrilled to finally have a classroom of my own. I am often asked why I want to teach, and I have so many answers to that question that it's hard to know where to begin. After some reflection, here is my best answer: "When I was a young child, the people in my life taught me to love learning, and that has never left me. I teach for many reasons, but the most important is to inspire young children to love learning."
My name is Michelle Doring, and I live in Salem, Oregon. I created this website as my professional portfolio for an assignment at Western Oregon University. I am a bilingual kindergarten teacher working on my ESOL/Bilingual endorsement and my Master's degree at WOU. I graduated from Corban University (formerly Western Baptist College) in May 2008, and began teaching full time in the fall of 2008. 
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