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Welcome to Pre- Kindergarten!

Mrs. Alison Dolan & Mrs. Lisa Lana                

November Family Together Time Activity Board

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All About Us

1)    Please choose one or more of the following activities to work on with your child at home.

2)    Be as creative as you can use a variety of colors and materials.

3)    All projects should only be no larger then 8X10.

4)    Write the Title on your project.

5)    Write your NAME on your project

Due Date:  11/12/19

 What makes me special and unique?

What feelings do I have and why?

Share a favorite story with your child about your child’s past. This could be a story about the first time your child did something new, a funny story about an experience or a time when your child made you proud. Make a poster about that special time. You may include actual photographs or you may draw about it. Write a small caption about what happened.





Create a feelings chart with your child. Have your child identify different feelings that they have and what makes them feel that way. Create a poster with your child and have your child draw a picture showing those feelings and what makes them feel that way. You can even take pictures of your child showing the different feelings and glue them to the poster.

What makes my class important and unique?

What makes my family important and unique?

Ask your child who they like to play with in our class? What do they like about that child? What is their favorite thing to do with that child? Then have your child draw a picture of themselves playing with their friend. Have them dictate to you what they enjoy doing with that child and write it down under the picture. Have them label themselves and their friend.


Ask your child to tell you about the members of the family. Draw a picture of your family and label the family members.

Make a poster with your child using pictures of your family celebrating special family traditions. Write down what your family’s tradition is and how you celebrate.




What are we learning?

School Website:

                Theme: All About Us

Essential Question:  Who am I and who are the people in my life?

Letters we have learned so far: C,A,O,D

Theme Ideas: 

  • I am unique.
  • I feel different ways at different times for different reasons.
  • I am part of a family and a classroom community.
  • My family is important and unique.
  • All the people in my classroom are important and unique.
  • I can help make my classroom a fun, safe and exciting place.

Some vocabulary words we will be using throughout this unit:

Unique                   Special                   First Name                            Last Name            Adopted                                Siblings

Different               Same                      Alike                                       Skill                        Younger                                Older

Interest                 Prefer                    Favorite                                 Strength                               Big                          Small     

Tall                          Short                      Curly                                       Straight                 Grandfather         Uncle

Wavy                      Portrait                  Self-Portrait                         Feelings                 Aunt                       Cousin

Happy                    Thoughts               Behavior                                Love                       Father                    Brother

Creative                 Brave                     Playful                                    Hopeful                 Sister                     Grandmother

Strong                   Relaxed                 Comfortable                         Mad                        Community           Friends

Sad                         Angry                    Silly                                         Scared                   Polite                     Respect

Afraid                     Excited                  Ecstatic                                  Surprised              Share                     Kind