Homework for TOEIC A 0108 on September 06

đăng 17:19, 5 thg 9, 2012 bởi Do Dung
Dear students

This link is for you to download homework for lesson 11:  http://www.mediafire.com/?sy6adk8sj9oi1a0
You are going to:
- Use the audio file and pdf files to finish listening lesson 11 (write down transcripts of all parts)
- Finish reading exercises.
- Finish listening + reading exercises in Unit 5 - TOEIC Starter. Remember to translate part 7 in Unit 5 (p.123 - 127).
For those who got under 6 for the Vocab Test today, you have to either make mindmaps or finish reading tasks for every vocabulary topic that we have learnt so far and hand in to me in next class.

Deadline : Saturday 8th September

Have a nice day!