Class Expectations

Welcome to Mrs. Day-Ketel’s  Class                                    

Almost everything you need to know to succeed:

  1. Come prepared: have you textbook, paper, notebook, and pen or pencil- EVERYDAY!
  2. Use common sense: talk when it is your turn, listen and be courteous, leave your seat only with permission, follow all ECHS rules.
  3.  Be honest: work done in and out of class is to be done individually unless you have been told otherwise. Cheating results in a zero, a call home, and an unsatisfactory conduct grade.
  4. Realize and accept what you are here for: excessive talking, personal grooming, putting your head on the desk, and eating/drinking are not a part of the curriculum-do these activities at other times.  Keep on task!

Classroom necessities:

Hall passes

You will receive three hall passes each six weeks- you can use them to go to the bathroom or to retrieve that forgotten item from your locker.  You must keep these passes in your notebook—no pass, no leaving- no exceptions.  These passes can be redeemed for extra credit points at the end of each grading period.

Make up work

When you are absent it is your responsibility to make up work.  When you return after an absence, check the assignment folder for your class and the homework board.  You have three days to make up the work.  Tests and quizzes must be made up before or after school.  See me as soon as possible to set this up!

Test Corrections

  If you make below an 80 on a test you may stay after school for and attach corrections onto your test to improve your overall score.  In an Honors course, this can be done only ONCE every six-weeks.

Please note that homework is a large part of your grade .  We cannot cover everything in class that you will need to know.  It is very important to complete your reading and writing assignments.   The final grade for this class is computed as an average of the three six week’s grades and a final exam. 


If you choose to break a rule this is what will happen…

  • 1st offense-verbal warning
  • 2nd offense-a second warning and possible a phone call home
  • 3rd offense trip to AEC; unsatisfactory grade on conduct
  • Severe disruption- profanity, violence, or harassing anyone will result in immediate departure from class.  Punishment will be handled by the school administration.

Grades can be checked on using Powerschool and the password that you have been given, if unsure of your password contact the school’s main office.

If you have and questions or concerns please contact me by phone or email:

728-3514  ext. 2022