School Supplies:

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If your child wants to use their email from home, you can have them login to Gmail by putting s______@student.roundrockisd.org  Their password is their 8 digit birthday.  You put their 6 digit number after the 's'.  
Class Schedule:

7:40 Broadcast

7:45 Computational Fluency/Spiral  

8:10 Science

8:50 Specials (P.E., Art, Music)

9:40 Word Study

10:00 Writing

10:50 Reading

11:35 Social Studies

12:04 Lunch

12:34 Math

1:40 2nd Step (Social, Emotional, Learning)

2:00 Recess

2:25 JAG

           2:55 Dismissal

           Library: Wednesdays
           TAG: Tuesday and Thursdays
           Counselor: Wednesdays

This week in school we will be learning:

     Math      Place value to 2 digit
 Reading      Setting up Reading workshop
 WritingSetting up writing workshop
Social Studies

Good Citizen
 Word Study Sight Words 


What's going on this month!!