I - Para Empezar

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Para Empezar 1


Maps, with or without labels (p.xvi - xxix)

Interactive Countries Map 1

Interactive Capitals Map 1

Interactive Maps 2

Interactive Maps 3

Practice Games

Quiz Yourself!

Interactive Map Practice


Numbers → Spanish numbers are fun and really easy if you study! Here's number formation review.

Telling Time

Review If you're still a little fuzzy on telling time (or just to verify that you know everything) read through this recap first.

Practice Quiz  Time telling quiz...all Spanish words! Try this one.

Body Parts

Vocab Practice

Para Empezar 2

Classroom Vocab Practice

Calendar Vocab Practice

Para Empezar 3

Weather Activity Sites


Textbook Weather Practice

Electronic Flashcards Ooohhh...electronic flashcards!

Multiple Choice Quiz Practice weather words and phrases. There will be some that you don't know, but that's okay!

Practice Quiz 1  Check it out and see how you would do!

Practice Quiz 2  Give this one a shot too just to make sure you know everything.


Seasons, Months, Days

Practice Quiz   Seasons and months practice quiz.

Misc. Vocab Practice  Matching activities for numbers, body, days, months, seasons, and greetings vocabulary.



Nouns Masculine/feminine noun practice


Practice Exam PE