Stadium 34
View pictures of our classroom!

At "The Locker Room" you can find useful information, such as the monthly calendar, classroom jobs, extra copies, and special notices.

The "No Excuses" board shows all the words you are expected to know how to spell.  The pink conventions posters should be checked frequently as well.

Our Rubric will be referred to frequently during writing workshop.  You will also notice the monthly job chart to the left of the rubric, as well as the writing standards and anchor papers to the right. 

Our reading and writing boards sit together because reading and writing are intertwined.  The writing board is entitled "Hitting a Writing Home Run!"  Your writing will be displayed on top of one of the purple pieces of paper.  Knock 'em out of the park!The red wall is for reading.  This is our focus wall that will help you with all of your Houghton Mifflin stories.  Remember to "Run Towards Your Reading Goals!"

If you can't remember what to do for your monthly Book Adventure project, check out the purple wall.  Underneath, you will be "Rooting for Greek and Latin Roots".  Check this wall frequently as we explore the wonderful world of roots!

The Math Equipment Room is where you can find charts Mrs. Daems has made to help you with your math. 

Look above the window and you'll find our math vocabulary words.  You can also reference the number line that extends to the next wall.

Be a Problem Solving Investigator and look at this board for tips on how to attack word problems!

Get ready for the 2008 Presidential Election.  We will use this board to learn about the presidential candidates and their opinions on important issues.  Then, we'll vote on Election Day!


As we read books together during reading workshop or read aloud time, we'll add the book covers next to our genre posters.  How many books do you think we'll read this year?

(A big thank you to Beth Newingham for allowing us to use her great posters!)


Check out the doors by the whiteboard if you want to participate in Mastery Club.  All 100 challenges are posted here.

Next to Mrs. Daems' desk, you can find our team bulletin board.  This is where we will display our team's best efforts!


Make a "slam dunk" during social studies as we learn about our nation's history.  We'll start the year by learning about each state's capital and geographical location.

Use the "Science Sidelines" to help you remember all you learn about physical science when you're in Mrs. Daems' science rotation.

Turn in your homework on time all week long and you'll get to play Homeworkopoly on Friday!

Never mind the mess in the foreground, look at our brand new SMART board!!  Also notice the projector suspended from the ceiling, as well as the sound system installed above the whiteboard.  Mrs. Daems has a microphone to make her voice extra loud!! ;-)