Paragraph of the Week

To become a better writer!

The Paragraph of the Week is a weekly homework assignment designed to give you practice with writing various types of paragraphs.




1) The Paragraph of the Week is assigned on Monday and is due on Friday.  There will be a Paragraph of the Week most weeks, but not all weeks.


2) Mrs. Daems will provide you with a sheet outlining the specifics for your topic and her expectations.  Refer to this sheet throughout the week, so you will get full credit.  Failure to complete parts of the assignment will result in study hall.


3) You should work on your paragraph Monday through Thursday evening, as part of your 50 minutes of homework.  Below is a recommendation as to how you should structure your week:


     Monday: Read through the prompt and expectations carefully.  Brainstorm a list of ideas that you will write about in your paragraph on the back of the topic paper.  A good idea would be to use a web or a list.


     Tuesday: Write your paragraph using the ideas you created from Monday night.


     Wednesday: Revise and edit your paragraph.  Look at the expectations and make sure what you are doing will meet Mrs. Daems' standards.  Find an adult/older sibling to proofread your paragraph.  After the adult has proofread your paragraph, make sure they sign your draft. 

** If you do not have an adult/older sibling at home to proofread your paragraph, please see below.


     Thursday: Rewrite your paragraph in your nicest writing.  This may be cursive or printing; whichever looks the nicest!



4) On Friday, turn in the following papers, stapled together in the order below:


     top)      Neatly written final paragraph

     middle) Draft paragraph with the adult's signature

     bottom) Brainstorming page


Paragraphs of the Week


August 25-29: Returning To School

September 2-5: Labor Day

September 8-12: Favorite Relative