Mrs. Daems'    

             Mastery Club

For those students who want to go "above and beyond"! 

     This is a club for students who are interested in learning more than the normal classroom expectations.  All you have to do is learn all about the topic, and then come tell Mrs. Daems the answers during a Mastery Club challenge time.  Read below for specifics on how to become a Mastery Club member!


Membership--Becoming a mastery club member is optional and voluntary.  You may be a mastery club member for as little or as much of the year as you like.  You will need parent permission to participate in mastery club.  If you need a parent handout and permission slip, see Mrs. Daems or click here.


Challenges-There are 100 Mastery Club challenges.  Each challenge that is answered correctly will earn you 1 star in the Mastery Club.  You can become a 1-star member, all the way up to a 100-star member!  Challenges are posted in the Mastery Club area of Room 34.  You can also click here to access the challenges on-line.  See Mrs. Daems if you would like a printed copy of the challenges.


Using the Internet-Mrs. Daems has provided Internet links to help you research the challenges.  These are only suggestions and do not have to be used.  Remember, the Internet can be accessed by anyone, and even though Mrs. Daems has reviewed the sites listed, there is always the possibility that something has been added that Mrs. Daems was not aware of when she added the links.  Therefore, USE THE INTERNET AT YOUR OWN RISK AND WITH YOUR PARENT'S PERMISSION! 


Researching the Challenges--You may research the challenges by using the Internet (with parent permission only--see above) or you may use reference materials.  Challenges may be researched after you have finished in-class work, during P.A.T. time, during class library time, or other times before, during, or after school that Mrs. Daems is available.


The Challenge Notebook--When you are researching the challenges, you will need to keep a notebook where you record the answers you have researched.  This can be any type of notebook that will keep you organized.  If you do not have a notebook, you may staple together binder paper from the classroom.  Each challenge that you record should have the challenge number, challenge question, and date by your answer.  Remember to keep the notebook safe, as you will have to turn it in for your challenge to count towards a star. 


Taking the Challenges--Once you feel that you are ready to "take the challenge," schedule a time with Mrs. Daems to present your answer.  Appropriate times to take challenges are: before school, recess, lunch recess, or after school. For a challenge to count towards your star, you will have to do the following:


1) Show Mrs. Daems a written copy of your answer.

2) Answer your challenge in front of Mrs. Daems without looking at your paper (from memory).

3) Some challenges require you to take a quiz or draw a picture.  Mrs. Daems will provide you with the papers you need.


Hall of Fame--Once you have become a 20-star member, you are entered in Mrs. Daems' Mastery Club Hall of Fame for as long as Mrs. Daems teaches.  Your name and star count will stay on Mrs. Daems wall FOREVER!


Certificates--At the end of the Mastery Club experience, you will receive a special certificate that shows all the challenges you successfully completed.  You will also receive a small prize in recognition of your hardwork!


Mastery Club MVPs-At the end of the year, the four highest scoring Mastery Club members will receive a special prize, along with their certificates.  Will you be a Mastery Club MVP?




Mastery Club Members


Cassandra--1 star

Rosa--1 star

Bryan--1 star