Homework: Spring Semster 2011
Students in AVID have  reviewing all AVID strategies which include Cornell Note taking during a lecture and while reading a text, writing a Learning Log, and writing higher level questions for tutorials using Costa's Level of Questioning.   Students are expected to bring materials and supplies daily to school with a Binder Check the first day of each week.  This includes having a well organized and neat 3-ring binder with divider pages for each class and extra paper.  A pencil pouch is necessary with 2 pencils, 2 pens, and a highlighter. Their planner must be used daily to record homework assignments.
January 18- May 24, 2011
Students are  required to take Cornell Notes in their core classes (English, Math, World Culture, and Science).  They must be prepared to show  two sets of Cornell Notes or Learning Logs taken during classes each week at Binder Check.  (See below for an explanation of Binder Check and Homework expectations.)  
    1.   Weekly Binder Check - the first day of each week students must show their supplies including binder, planner, two pencils, two pens and a highlighter.
    2.   AVID students are required to complete two sets of Cornell Notes each week.  These are notes taken in their core classes which include English, Math, World Culture and Science. 
    3.   Write two Focus Questions for Tutorial Time - Each Monday or Tuesday, AVID students are to prepare two questions for their tutorial session the next class period.
    4.   Classroom Activites for this semester will include Goal Setting, Time Mananagement Strategies, a project titled, "Walk A Mile in My Shoes", College and Career Research project and various critical reading and summary writing assignemnts from the AVID Weekly and Measuring Up articles. They also participate in with the twice weekly tutorial sessions with the College AVID Tutors.
**  A note on homework.  AVID does not have a textbook and in not designed to add a burden to a students' schedule, but to support them by teaching skills and strategies that will help them in their core classes.  They have learned how to take notes using a model called Cornell Notes.  They are to use that skill of notetaking in their classes and show those notes each week at binder check.  All class activities are designed to be completed in class.  They only become homework if the students in absent or is unable to complete them in class.  This would be on an individual basis.
**Please check the school Planner for Homework Assignments.  AVID students should be using their Planner daily to record homework and class activities.