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Last Updated 10-4-2011

Interim grades go out this week! 
Unit 1 Matter
I will collect Composition Books the day of Unit 1 test --- Please note!
Things written in purple on the unit page should be in your composition book - Including dates!
Welcome to Mrs. Cross Chemistry class at Barberton High School!

Here we will learn about the world of Chemistry through Modeling.
Modeling in Chemistry is a way to represent what is present in the world around us that is too small to see directly.
We will create models to represent chemistry concepts using images
words, and math. By creating models in all three presentations we will create a detailed platform of understanding of the concepts.

Additional concepts can then be added till we are able to express a clear understanding of chemistry concepts.

What is Modeling? Here is a short overview --  Copy and paste this into a tab and check it out  --