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102 Minutes that Changed America 9/11 Anniversary 
13 Colonies Founders info. English Colonies 
13 Colonies Map Quiz Practice English Colonies 
2014 Legislative Session Overview Constitution Unit 
9/11: Stories in Fragments  9/11 Anniversary 
American History topic summaries American History Overview 
American Revolution Practice Tests American Revolution 
Animated Battles of the Revolution American Revolution 
Another practice map of the colonies English colonies 
Arlington Washington, DC 
Arlington Ladies Washington, D.C. 
Articles of Confederation Video American Revolution 
Ballot for Wolcott 2013 Elections Election 2013 
Battle of Bunker Hill American Revolution 
Battle of Quebec American Revolution 
B. Franklin's "Join or Die" Cartoon  American Revolution 
Bill of Rights Constitution Unit 
Bombarding Yorktown American Revolution 
Boston Duck Tour Boston Trip/Preview to Revolution Unit 
Boston Tea Party American Revolution 
Bunker Hill Quiz American Revolution 
Cabinet Video Clip Constitution Unit 
Capitol Hill Washington, DC 
Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns Washington, DC 
CNN Student News Current Events 
Colonies Map showing regions English Colonies 
Constitution Day/Puzzle Day Activity Constitution Day/Puzzle Day 
Cornell Note-taking Study Skills/Reading Strategy 
CT Congressional District Map Constitution Unit 
CT State Representative-Rob Sampson Constitution Unit 
Culture Area Map Native Americans 
Dawes Act of 1887 Constitution Day/Native American Rights 
Declaration of Independence Interactive Painting American Revolution 
EasyBib Resume Research Project 
Erie Canal Chronology Westward Movement 
FAQs about 9/11 9/11 Anniversary 
FDR Memorial Washington, DC 
Federal Triangle Washington, DC 
Formation of the Continental Army American Revolution 
Gettysburg Address Gettysburg Address 
Hand gestures for memorizing the Preamble Constitution Unit 
History Map Interactives Westward Movement 
Hot list for D.C./Symbols research Washington, DC 
Hotlist from Media Center Washington, DC 
Hotlist from the Media Center Explorers 
How a Bill Becomes a Law in CT Constitution Unit 
HSI: Boston Massacre American Revolution 
"I'm Just a Bill" (Schoolhouse Rock!) Constitution Unit 
Impact of Railroads on Natives Westward Movement 
Interactive Aztec Village Spanish explorers 
Interactive Natives Map Native Americans 
Interactive Timeline builder Explorers 
International Spy Museum Washington, DC 
Jamestown Adventure English Colonies 
JFK 50 Years JFK 50th Anniversary 
JFK Assassination Summary JFK 50th Anniversary 
JFK Interactive Documentary-Rendezvous with Death JFK 50th Anniversary  
John Smith's Description of New England English Colonies 
John Smith's Map of New England English Colonies 
Korean War Memorial Washington, DC 
Lewis and Clark Expedition (PBS) Westward Movement 
Map of Salem English Colonies 
March from Selma to Montgomery MLK 2015 
Mayflower Compact English Colonies 
MLA Format Information MLA Format Information 
MLK Audio Clip of "I Have A Dream" Speech MLK 2015 
MLK Video Clip of "I Have A Dream" Speech MLK 2015 
Mount Vernon Washington, DC 
National Mall Washington, DC 
National Road Westward Movement 
Native Immigration Westward Movement 
Native Tribes of the West (PBS) Westward Movement 
Newsela Current Events 
North America BEFORE and AFTER the French and Indian War American Revolution 
Olive Brach Petition American Revolution 
"On this Day in History"...9/11 News clips 9/11 Anniversary 
Origins of Early People in the Americas Native Americans 
People of the Arctic Native Group Presentations 
People of the Eastern Woodlands Native Group Presentations 
People of the Great Plains Native Group Presentations 
People of the Northwest Coast Native Group Presentations 
People of the Southwest Native Group Presentations 
Plimoth Plantation English Colonies 
Poppies at the Tower of London Veterans Day 
Reading of the Declaration of Independence American Revolution 
Reading of the Declaration of Independence American Revolution 
Reasons for the founding of the 13 Colonies English Colonies 
Rebuilding of World Trade Center Time Lapse 9/11 Anniversary 
Resume builder Explorers 
Revere's engraving of the Boston Massacre American Revolution 
Revere's Engraving of the Boston Massacre American Revolution 
Salem Witch Trial Documentary English Colonies 
Salem Witch Trials English Colonies 
Salem Witch Trials Memorial English Colonies 
Salem Witch Trial Summary English Colonies 
SOAPSTone Strategy Study Skills/Reading Strategy 
Speaker of the House John Boehner Constitution Unit 
State Senator Joe Markley Constitution Unit 
The Big 6: Graphic Summary of Steps Resume Research Project 
The Cabinet 2014 Constitution Unit 
The Supreme Court Constitution Unit 
"Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration" American Revolution 
Town of Wolcott website Election 2013 
Trails to the West Westward Movement 
Upfront Magazine  Current Events 
Use of Buffalo in Native Cultures Native Americans 
U.S. Government Games Constitution Unit 
U.S. Representative Elizabeth Esty Constitution Unit 
U.S. Senator Chris Murphy Constitution Unit 
U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal Constitution Unit 
Video review of Lexington & Concord, Bunker Hill American Revolution 
Virtual Field Trip to Mount Vernon Washington, DC 
Virtual trip to Plimoth Plantation English Colonies 
Wampum Belts Native Americans 
What Happened on 9/11 Summary 9/11 Anniversary 
WWII Memorial Washington, DC 
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