Welcome to our Classroom Site!

Welcome to the second grade! I would like to welcome you to the start of a new school year. On this site you will be able to read about what we are learning, our homework, important information and see class pictures. This year will be an exciting year for your child. I am your child's literacy teacher. In my class your child will be learning various strategies to help them become good readers, writers and spellers.  I will be departmentalizing with Mrs. Khandros, which means your child will have two teachers. Each of us will have a homeroom class, which we will teach for half a day. We will then switch and work with the other class for the second half of the day. Mrs. Khandros will be teaching math, science and social studies. We are looking forward to working together in making this a very successful year for your child.

    The school schedule is from 8:10 TO 2:30 everyday.  Breakfast will begin at 7:30 and end at 8:00. If your child comes to school after 8:10 they will need to go through the main entrance and receive a late pass from the office.  If your child is absent please send them in with an absent note, so they can be excused.  Please try and schedule doctors appointments and vacations when your child is not in school.  It's essential that your child attend school each day, so they don't miss out on important instruction.

    Please check your child's schoolbag each night, so that you won't miss out on important notices. Be sure to look through their notice folder.  Notices that require your signature should be returned the following day.  It's essential that homework is completed each night.  Homework is a reinforcement of the classwork completed in class.  I will not give them something that we didn't cover in class that day.

    Homework will be sent home every night with the exception of trip days.  They will need to read 20-25 minutes each night.  They will choose one of the books from their book baggies.  Some nights they will have a reading response to follow their book reading.  Word Work homework will also be given with their word of the day.  Please be sure to review the words of the week with your child.  Once they are given they should learn to read and spell them.

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