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Energy Efficient Vehicle Club

The Lakeview Energy Efficient Vehicle club (EEVC) is an after school engineering club that offers students the opportunity to address one an issue that faces all of us everyday; energy consumption. This club is designed to help come up with solutions to the worlds energy dependency. Through the use of alternative fuels, vehicle configurations, and advanced materials the club strives to create vehicles that will achieve maximum mileage with minimum energy sources. 

The Lakeview Energy Efficient Vehicle Club has been at Lakeview since 2009. It started with a vision of one teacher and two students who were willing to stay after school for an entire year and learn the necessary skills needed to start a club such as this. These skills included welding, metal fabrication, and small engine  maintenance.

 2012-2013 team


End of the year video 2013 Season

2013 SMV video Final 2.wmv

Current Roster
Advisor: Matthew Schultz
Mentor: Tom Devlin
Mentor: Will Lambert
Mentor: Rob Schwartz

Student Members
Alex Spinner
Oscar Youngquist
Alec Devlin
Jacob Powers
Nicole Vigon
Jack Lackey
Jacob Christensen
Jerome B. 

Corey Ochoa 

Lakeview has partnered up with Owens Manufacturing and Formed by Design to offer an aluminum hub adapter that fits on a bicycle hub. This adapter will allow for a larger chain size sprocket to be mounted to a bike rim. This hub helps in aid the torque from the more powerful electric motors and combustion engines. Click on the images to fill out an order form.