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March 17th - Here is the Newspaper Assignment:

In groups of four to five, you are to create a newspaper that features these major articles:

-          at least one world event article

-          at least three articles relevant to Regina or Saskatchewan or Canada

-          at least four articles relevant to Judge Bryant School

-          at least one editorial on a school-related topic

-          at least one review of a current movie, cd, or video game

-          at least one pictograph

-          at least one circle graph

Icing on the cake

-          Cool pics but NO copyright infringement. You cannot use someone else’s photographs without direct permission. Stock pics are okay. Drawings by you are okay.

-          Advertisements but NO copyright infringement! You must supply your own advertising slogans. For example, you can put an ad for Redbull but you cannot say “Redbull gives you wings!”

-          Comics but NO copyright infringement. You may not use any characters that were not created by you. For example, Garfield is owned by United Syndicated Cartoons.

-          Horoscopes.

-          Personality Quiz. “Are you ready for high school? Are you a good friend?  Are you even more awesome than Mr. Schneider?* Take this quiz and find out.”

-          Comparative column

-          Style page

-          Sports interviews

-          a review of a community event

-          Top 5 article (These are my favorite)

-          A flow chart to make a decision

-          Science Corner


You allowed to have some creativity with this (You could do an interview with a famous person) but the more realistic, the more impressive.


You are graded on the articles that you create. Your group will also receive a team mark.


You will have three weeks to work on this. Newspapers are due Friday, April 4th.  


You are done when the due date arrives. You can always improve on it before then.

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