Walt Disney Magnet School
Happy Honey Bunnies
    Welcome to Tuition Based Preschool- Room 114
          Mrs. Maria Z. Cervantes (773 -534-5990)      EMAIL Mrs. Cervantes
                           Ms.  Vice,  Ms. Lindsey


       Week of February 8- 12                      
Letter of the week: Qq- Quilts, quantity-  We will learn about quilts and their meaning. We will watch videos and complete crafts about quilts. We will also practice tracing and writing uppercase and lowercase letter Qq, review its sound and match pictures to initial Qq.

Math - Identifying numbers 1 - 30, continue learning about measuring tools to describe and compare objects by height, length, weight, size and capacity. We will start learning about time to the hour. We will also review identifying and comparing  groups  with more, less and equal quantities, simple addition/subtraction, counting and matching groups to correct numerals 0 -30.

Dates to remember:
Friday, February 12th- Valentine's Day Celebration 

Honey Bunnies are encouraged to bring cards and treats
to share with the other Bunnies. Please do not forget that we have 22 Bunnies in our classroom. It is good practice for your child to sign his/her own name in the From section only.

Monday, February 15th- President's Day - No School

Honey Bunny families,

As the weather continues to get colder, please be sure your child is dressed appropriately to play outside. We will go outside if the temperature is above freezing, and not so windy. You may consider sending a snow suit, and extra shoes to keep at school. Please make sure your child has a complete extra change of winter clothes at school, including long pants, long sleeve shirts, underwear, and socks. Don’t forget to write your child’s name on everything.

In order to prevent winter items from getting lost we recommend that hats, scarves, and gloves are stored in the sleeve of your child’s winter coat when they take them off in the morning and after coming in from outside. Please practice this at home with your child. Lonely gloves are sad gloves.

Thank you all for your support!!!

Mrs. Cervantes, Ms. Lindsey and Ms. Vice



The Honey Bunnies have been using  iPads in our classroom for eSpark, which is an individualized program that has a variety of rich educational content for an effective curriculum to help students master Common Core standards. The children are working on their own individual quests in both reading and math concepts. Please make sure your child brings a set of headphones to use during our daily eSpark time. Thanks to all the parents who already provided a set of headphones.