Step Into My Shoes

SIMS (Step Into My Shoes) is a project designed to guide students through the process of valuing themselves, being kind to others, respecting others, and providing acts of service. Our goal is to help our students learn to truly be kind to others. We believe this process begins with teaching our students to value themselves. Society teaches a false sense of value; we want to show students there is more. After a person learns they have value, it is so much easier to be kind to others. Hopefully, this will help cease some of the bullying that happens so often in middle schools. After we are kind to others, we can begin to have true respect for each other. With respect comes standing up for others and making a conscientious effort to change behaviors. Next come service, our desire is for our students to learn the benefits of serve to others.  The activities will culminate with an Ability Fair April 19th. 

Pictures & videos of the Ability Fair:

I Am pictures

I Will Pictures

Thank you to Buerkle's PTO for donating food & Buerkle Students & Family who purchased T-shirts. 

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