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Welcome students and parents to a fun learning experience through English Language Arts! We will work hard, learn a lot, and have a fun time all the while. This class outline page contains information you will need as we start this school year.




Establishing ongoing home-school communication is essential to accomplishing our goals this year. We have many resources for keeping in touch such as our voicemail, homework hotline, student planner and e-mail. My preferred method of contact is either your student’s planner or my e-mail (see below). However, do not hesitate to call me. I will get back to you as soon as possible.




Homework and classwork are graded on a “total points” system. This means that assignments are weighted by available points for each individual assignment and students will earn a percentage grade based on points earned out of total points available. The semester exam, however, will count for 25% of the student’s overall semester grade.


The main purpose of homework is to reinforce skills learned in class. You should expect homework Monday through Thursday, though, some weeks will be more and some will be less. Students will have the entire week to complete the assignments. Homework is due on Friday (or the last school day of the week) and it will be corrected in class. Please note that homework will not be accepted after corrections have been made in class.


Most importantly, please provide an appropriate place and time for your student to complete homework. Homework assignments should not exceed 40 minutes per night (keep in mind some nights may be more or less).  If your student cannot accomplish an assignment within a reasonable time period on a regular basis, please contact me.




A positive attitude and appropriate behavior are, of course, critical to student learning.  Learning can be fun and interesting, but it will require cooperation, commitment, and effort on all of our parts.  Thank you for your essential and valued support.  As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me.