Destiny Search & AR Procedures


How to Search for an AR book in the Library

Accelerated Reader Procedures

Before Reading

  1. Check to see if the book is in your book level. (
  2. If your book is not AR check with the teacher before you read it.
    • It’s important to remember that MANY QUALITY books are not AR. You Should still read these books. These non-AR books are still wonderful books that you will learn from. Don’t limit to only AR books! (You can read any book once you have met your goal)

Times you can take AR TESTS in Class:

  • Homeroom
  • Reading Center
  • Fast Finisher

Rules of AR

  • You are allowed 1 chance to take a test so make sure you are prepared
  • Independent task
  • You should take an AR test on the book you have JUST finished.