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In order for learning to take place, the children must know I respect them, believe in them and understand their needs.


I want my students to become excited and feel comfortable with the learning process.  The children should feel relaxed when doing their work.


Using various types of methods and strategies will help many children feel success in accomplishing tasks that are in the curriculum.  If a child feels good about their accomplishments, then they know they have reached a goal. 


It is my goal to help them recognize their talents by encouraging them with enthusiasm.


By creating an environment that is welcoming and inviting, my children will feel a sense of caring and nurturing.


Responsibility and organization go hand-in-hand in order to succeed with their everyday needs.  They should be able to do the simplest tasks such as packing their own book bags, getting a snack or lunch made and making sure all work is completed for the given day.  (Just to mention a few)